A journey into the unknown

I first met the gong in the summer of 2011 on Angsbacka yoga festival. I could´t believe what I was experiencing. My whole body was taken over, I had a shoulder injury and it felt like all the vibrations went there to heal. I soon realized I …

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The gong family

The idea of “the gong family” is of course not a new idea. It stems from the idea of the importance of having a good network that supports good values. You can find this idea in most societies, religious groups, political parties, sports tea…

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The magical start 11.11.2011

The world of gongs were introduced to me at the magic date of 2011.11.11. By Tor Arne HåveIn summer 2014, I was in Gothenburg attending a workshop of Bioenergetic Analysis (Alexander Lowen) together with my German teacher Heiner Steckel. I st…

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