I first met the gong in the summer of 2011 on Angsbacka yoga festival. I could´t believe what I was experiencing. My whole body was taken over, I had a shoulder injury and it felt like all the vibrations went there to heal. I soon realized I had to give up all control and just let the gong play me. There and then I decided that I wanted to learn how to play gong. And I guess it was meant to be, cause that autumn a yoga colleague of mine had invited two swedish guys to come and give a gong-training.

So I called Tor Arne Håve, who I knew was into singing bowls and overtone singing and told him that he had to join me on this. Without knowing anything about gong he said yes :-) Since then I have played the gong together with Tor Arne Håve giving gong relaxations and gong baths at different happenings and locations and I have played the gong in my yoga classes.

I am so grateful to the gongs. Its like they teach me how to live; I just have to give up controlling everything, let go of fear and its like this great power in my back pushing me in the direction of my gift, leaving me no choice but to do what is my life purpose.

Anne Siri Langelandsvik