The idea of “the gong family” is of course not a new idea. It stems from the idea of the importance of having a good network that supports good values. You can find this idea in most societies, religious groups, political parties, sports teams and more. My own way is yoga and Buddhism (Vajarana). And I guess the following the principles form the Buddhism can make us a better humans.

I like to refer to the four THE FOUR IMMEASURABLES, witch is love, compassion, joy and equanimity. To follow these principles give us a guide in life and our work. And I also hope it will benefit the people that I meet on my own way.

There are no obligations to become a member of a “gong family” just a free connection to other like-minded people. I will in collaboration with people close to me search for expansion of compassion, love and joy with the help of the gongs.

The gong family is a worldwide network with humans playing gongs and doing sound healing in many different countries. This network has developed and is developing by many others all over the world.

Tor Arne Håve (2016)