The world of gongs were introduced to me at the magic date of 2011.11.11.
By Tor Arne Håve

In summer 2014, I was in Gothenburg attending a workshop of Bioenergetic Analysis (Alexander Lowen) together with my German teacher Heiner Steckel. I stayed at a small hotel in the middle of the city, near a forrest.

Bioenergetic Analysis has been a part of my life since 2005. I now embrace this as a part of my life and it has become a continuous learning process.

For me the Way of the Gong implies the energetic process in life to come alive with our authentic being and expressions. At this point I was already introduced with Singing bowls, which was a real turning point for me and my way of understanding of the importance and expression of sound.

This summer had already been quite special for me. I felt strongly connected with nature in a deeper and to me surprising way. I felt I was changing and that beatiful things would come into my life. I had always been an open and curious child surronded by much motherly love, and I believe this has had influence in how I percive the world. I feel strongly about the feminine aspect to be more expressed, and I welcome the strength of women in all layers of society.

At the last day of the workshop I wanted to go jogging. As I opened the door that morning I was greeted by dew fresh air. Then the most unexpected thing happened: there right in front of me, there stood a beautiful big deer on the grass right next to my car. I was quite surprised. It steared at me, stood still for a moment, turned and disappeared into the woods. Fantastic, I thought, wild animals here in the middle of Gothenburg city?

Well, I started to jog, but something bothered me: my inner voice, my intuition told me to take another route. Little did I know, that this decission should change my life totally. Sometimes we wonder: do we make the right choices? Now I felt I was listening to a kind of dream state or deeper part of myself. My intuituion told me to run along with the fence where I had seen the deer. Suddenly I saw a magical big forest in front of me. It turned out to be balanced by a nature reserve behind botanical garden in Gothenburg.

After a while, suddenly I saw a glimt of the same deer again and I started to follow him. I ran after him, but lost him. Then I ran higher up on a hill to get an overview and then decided to run another rout back to the hotel. Suddenly I stopped: there the deer stood right in front of me and steared at me. Then he turned and walked slowly ahead of me. It seamed he wanted me to follow him. So I did. Then he disappeared again and was gone.

I followed the trail, and to my big surprise, I could not believe what I saw: there, hanging between two poles was a big rusty gong with a mallet beside it. I was overwelmed, and I urgently wanted to try it, so I started to play. I was stunnished. The sound the gong made was a fantastic magical sound I had never heard before. The resonance was unlike any other I had ever experienced, and the vibration hit something deep inside my soul. I felt I should follow my spirit and listen to what nature tells me, and then I knew: This was what I wanted to do. I decided there and then that I wanted to spread this magical sound of the gong out to the rest of the world. It hit my heart, my body and soul. I was home!

The transformation I experienced this summer was a total shift in perception of how I am able to see and sense the reality of things, and how I sense the whole world. I realised I was now given the gift of channeling information from things and people from ”the other side”. Suddenly I saw the connection with the gongs, the Bioenergetics, the Overtone Singing and my loving childhood. It all gave me an opening to view the world in a totally new way.

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