Light of Summer Gong Puja – Festival Last Night

Puja is a Sanskrit word, which among other things may mean giving attention to something or someone. It can be a spiritual celebration, a celebration of a special guest or an important event. A gongpuja can have different durations, but usually this is an event that lasts one night. A gongpuja has an intention set by those who play gongs through the night. An intention may be that the puja will focus on increased awareness of charity and joy for all living beings. Intention with the puja is read aloud by the leader of the puja night to all who are present.

Dear Beautiful Soul

May you find peace
May you be protected
May you find strenght

May you be free from pain
May you be free from suffering

May you be happy
May you have love
May you have clarity
May you be healed

May your good vibrations benefit all sentient beings at all times.
May the gongs give a new life filled with happiness for all that comes and listen to you playing them.

May the gongs express their true healing nature within you and radiate healing for all at the Gong Puja.

May the gong puja create a atmosphere of love and unity for all living sentient beings.

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