Tone of Life - Earth Gong 30" - 75 cm

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Earth Gong has deep sounds, from the womb of mother earth. When we play gently and carefully, the overtone choir turns into a beautiful song. The sound transforms from the ethereal to the material realms, tangible and full. It sounds like lava inside the volcano. The element Earth is associated with the plane of material existence, the condensation of spirit into concrete form. Available in five sizes.

Earth Gong 30" 75 cm is one of the Therapeutic 4 Elements series Gongs. Subtle Gong with a large range of low and medium tones, constant sound with emphasis on low tones and harmony. Listeners often refer to it as the sound coming from the centre of the earth.


Diameter: 75 cm

Weight: 8 kg

  • kr 27 430,00 NOK
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